Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount

Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT PRO GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount

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About this product

Model:  skywatcher-AZ-EQ6
Part Number:  20291

The latest model, with a USB port. 

The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT is a dual-purpose, fully functional computerised heavy-duty mount with Go-To/tracking that works in both Alt-Azimuth (AZ) and Equatorial (EQ) modes.

Features patented dual-encoder technology. This enables the telescope to be moved manually in either axis without losing positional information. This provides freedom, convenience and flexibility during observational sessions.

In EQ mode, the AZ-EQ6GT is designed for either visual use or astroimaging.

In AZ mode, it is primarily intended for visual use, and in this mode, two telescopes can be mounted simultaneously in parallel.

Supplied with a Synscan handset with dual AZ/EQ firmware, it can automatically find and track over 42,900 celestial objects from its database.


See Part-1 of Steve Richards Sky-Watcher AZ EQ6-GT review. 

Using EQMod article by Steve Richards 

Sky-Watcher AZ EQ6-GT Instruction Manual pdf 

Sky-Watcher AZ EQ6-GT Hand Controller Instruction Manual V3.32 pdf 

Firmware Upgrade V3.32 


Payload Capacity: 18kg for imaging and 25kg for visual
Driving Resolution: 0.1436 arc second
Go-To Capability: EQ and AZ modes
Synscan Handset Database: over 42,900 celestial objects
Latitude Operating Range: 10 degrees - 75 degrees (equatorial) and 90 degrees in AZ mode
Tracking Speed: sidereal, solar & lunar rates
Tracking Mode: EQ or AZ, dual or single axis
PEC control in EQ mode
Autoguider Port: Yes
USB port: Yes
DSLR Electronic Shutter Release Port: Yes
Motor Type: DC12V stepper motors
Patented Dual-Encoder design allows manual movement without losing positional information
Polar alignment: via software control or supplied polar scope
Alignment methods: 1, 2 or 3-star alignment (EQ) / brightest star or 2-star alignment (AZ)
Telescope Connection: 2 x dual-fit saddle plates supplied accepting 45mm & 75mm dovetail bars
RA/DEC Worm Gears: D=92.5mm, 180 teeth, brass
RA/DEC Axes: D=40mm, steel
Tripod: 2” Stainless Steel
Counterweights supplied: 2 x 5kg
Counterweight Bar: 25mm Diameter
Mount Body Weight: 15.4kg, Tripod Weight: 7.5kg
Power requirement: 12V DC 3A (Sky-Watcher 17Ah Power Tank recommended)


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Good but not great
02 October 2023  | 

I purchased this mount two years ago, but due to weather and the fact I work abroad have only had the opportunity to use it over 20 or so sessions. Initially I used it to mount my C9í25 and boy did it do the business. Outstanding tracking and guiding. However, I found that when using lighter OTAís such as my WO Z61, it became very difficult to balance the RA axis due to how stiff the rotation was. This is a constant theme with my mount and Iím not sure if other users have the same issue.

The main issues Iíve had are the screws on the mounting saddle shearing off, rendering it useless. I had to purchase an off the shelf ADM mounting saddle as a replacement, which was £100+. Another issue I had was that during use the mount began to behave erratically which culminated in the RA axis failure to operate in the GOTO function. I soon discovered that the Motherboard had blown and I wondered if these issues were related to the stiffness of the RA rotation? Regardless, I had to send the mount back to FLO and pay to get a new Motherboard fitted which in total cost just shy of £200 to fix.

I have since tested the mount using my ASIAIR Plus and my Esprit 120 OTA. During my first session the mount worked fine, but during my second and third session the same erratic behaviour had reappeared. I also once again had a fail on RA axis during GOTO function. This all happened during first few hours of imaging session but seamed to resolve in last few hours when the mount seamed to work fine.

Thatís the current status quo. I have again went overseas to work and probably wonít get to retest it until January 2024. My current thinking is that itís a bit unreliable given how precious and rare good seeing conditions are in UK. Also, from a financial perspective, the mount had now cost me over £2K in real terms. I often wonder should I have went for the likes of a ZWO AM5 mount in the first instance? The jury is still out.

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Havenít had first light but great service from FLO
17 June 2023  | 

Sadly havenít had a chance to set it up and use it but it was received in excellent condition and with 48 hours of order, great service from First Light Optics as always.

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Does the job really really well
19 February 2023  | 

This is an amazing mount. It is stabile, capable, easily controllable and very well priced. I am consistently getting guiding at the image scale from London, which is not what i expected with IMX571 and focal length of 1200. I use NINA and EQMOD directly to the USB (so no EQMOD cables needed) and that works beautifully. I've also used the mount in AZ mode for visual and it worked really well.

If there one thing that this mount is lacking that is protection around the electronics. The electronics are extremly sensitive and i've already fried one PCB by accidently (in the dark) trying to plug in the USB cable in to the guiding port (doh!). The easiest way to stop this from happening is to 1) not do that or 2) get yourself some blank RJ11 and RJ45 connectors and use them to block the open handset and guider ports. This way there is no chance of making the same mistake i made. Blocking the handset port is not an issue since you are unlikely to ever use it, if you are connecting to a computer, and the less is said about the guider port the better.

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Excellent mount and service
25 October 2022  | 

The delivery of the mount was quick and easy. Within two working days, excellent service by FLO. The mount itself is a quality piece of machinery. Straight out of the box, there is absolutely no backlash on either axis and the clutches engage firmly. Go to accuracy has been great and tracking worked nicely for planetary imaging. Haven't had the chance to try DSO guiding but it seems very promising.

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Ten stars!
29 August 2022  | 

I wish I could have given ten stars not five when pleased with a purchase. Skywatcher Ďscope mounts are manufactured to exact standards. Their quality control too is simply the best. This mount is what you need in a good mount, it needs to be super accurate, heavy in order to support potentially a heavy imaging system of main and guide scope, along with all cables, cameras etc. It has super smooth and very quiet slewing, and itís accuracy is exactly what you expect from Skywatcher - the best! This has been one of the best investments I have made in my passion for astronomy over the years and I simply cannot fault it at any level. TEN stars! As usual, thanks to Chris at FLO for the very best of customer service supplied.

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Excellent product.
18 July 2022  | 

Really impressed with this mount so far. Fast delivery from FLO.

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Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT Pro GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount
29 December 2021  | 

I chose this mount because of its ability to convert from GEQ to AltAz to cover the various aspects / modes of use I wished from my telescopes (Astro as well as terrestrial)
This mount does not disappoint, it is sturdily made and is very secure when all the rig is mounted & attached
The RA & Dec clutches are very easy to use with cold hands and both axis motors perform smoothly - Weather has been too bad to give all components a good test but so far - excellent
In Alt-Az mode the additional mount that fixes to the end of the counterweight shaft is easy to fit and attaching a second scope for 'party' viewing is ideal (obviously once aligned)
I will not go into all the other features this mount has - there are plenty of reviews explaining this - but suffice to say this mount does do what it says in the manual and very well too
If looking for a dual mount system I can high recommend this one
Once again great service from FLO despite all the problems out there with supply & delivery - notified all the way - definitely worth the short wait

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Quick delivery, great product!
29 June 2021  | 

Quick delivery and great service of FLO!
After installing the necessary drivers and EQMOD, everything worked immediately without any problems.
A minor minus: The thumbscrews for securing the mount head on the tripod are made out of cheap plastics and one of them cracked while tightening. But I believe this is a minor problem and can easily be replaced with higher quality knobs.
Anyway, I'm extremely satisfied and here in Norway I have to wait for darker nights for the next imaging season.

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This one seems very promising.
22 June 2021  | 

Have only tested it inside the house, it is too bright at night in Norway in the summer.
But this fall I'm ready.
I am very happy to have a mount before the season starts in August

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Simple set up
26 May 2021  | 

Great sturdy mount. Set it up for the first time yesterday, polar aligned via ASIAIR pro and managed to get subs of 300 seconds plus with very little effort.

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