Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi
Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTiSky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTiSky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi
Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTiSky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi

Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi

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This is a fun system to use. Although there is an option to connect a SynScan hand controller, to get the most of this setup its worth downloading the SynScan app for your smartphone. The SkyMax-127 feels like the future of telescope control, certainly for anyone that likes technology and is just beginning their exploration of the sky. Sky at Night Magazine, January 2018 - Read full review

About this product

Model:  sw_az_gti_wifi_127_mak
Part Number:  10265

Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 with NEW AZ GTi WiFi Mount. 

The compact but powerful Skymax-127 features high-contrast, high-resolution Maksutov-Cassegrain optics with high-transmission multi-coatings on all optical surfaces for optimum performance.

A good choice for observing planets, the lunar surface, globular star clusters, galaxies and more. 

The easy-to-use AZ-GTi Wi-Fi mount features a built-in WiFi module, enabling it to be controlled wirelessly via your Smartphone or Tablet using Sky-Watcher's free SynScan App for iOS or Android. 

Together, the mount and App provide full computerised GO-TO. 

It also features Sky-Watcher’s Freedom-Find patented dual-encoder technology, so your telescope can be moved manually in either axis without the mount losing its positional information - which is nice  :-)  

Includes an adjustable aluminium tripod with extension pillar and accessory tray; the mount can be removed and fitted to other suitable photo tripods with standard 3/8" screw fitting. 


  • Objective Lens Diameter: 127mm / 5"
  • Telescope Focal Length: 1500mm (f/11.8)
  • Eyepieces Supplied: 10mm & 25mm
  • Red-Dot-Finder
  • 90º Star Diagonal 1.25"
  • Multi-Coated Objective Lens
  • AZ-GTi Wi-Fi Mount with Freedom-Find™ Dual-Encoder Technology. 
  • The Mount, together with Sky-Watcher's free App, provides full computerised GO-TO. 
  • Includes Aluminium Tripod with Extension Pillar & Accessory Tray
  • Height of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA): 80.5cm - 152cm
  • Total Weight with Tripod: 7.45kg
  • Power Requirement: 8 AA Size Batteries (not supplied) or External Power Supply (DC 7.5~14V, 0.75A) Tip Positive. (Separate Power Supply Recommended). 

What's in the box

  • SkyMax-127 OTA
  • AZ GTi Mount
  • Aluminium Tripod
  • 21.5cm Extension Pillar
  • Tripod Accessory Tray
  • 10mm & 25mm Eyepieces
  • Red Dot Finder
  • 1.25" 90° Star Diagonal


Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied) x60 & x150
Highest Practical Power (Potential) x254
Diameter of Primary Mirror 127mm
Light Gathering 55% more Light Gathering than 102mm
Telescope Focal Length 1500mm (f/11.8)
Eyepieces Supplied 10mm & 25mm
Finderscope 6x30 Finderscope
Diagonal 90º Star Diagonal 1.25"
Mount AZ GTi Alt-Azimuth Mount with Extension Pillar, Aluminium Tripod & Accessory Tray
Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous) 360° (Azimuth), -50° to + 90° (Altitude)
Height of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA) 80.5cm - 152cm
Total Overall Weight 7.45kg

Customer reviews

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Great starter kit
18 September 2023  | 

I had it all out of the boxes and mounted up in ~15minutes. Very portable and simple to setup, and the goto and tracking works quite well for its intended purposes.
This telescope is not very suitable for DSO or fainter targets, but it's great for planetary or lunar observation. It's also pretty good for taking a close look at the mountains around me.

I'm going to get some better eye pieces for it, but the supplied ones aren't terrible, certainly good enough to get you started.
The first time I saw Jupiter and 8 of its moons clearly with my own eyes, is an experience I'll always remember

The mount offers some flexibility in that it can be later converted to a very portable equatorial, or computerised setup.
It's a great kit for a reasonable price, I'm very happy with it.

I can't recommend FLO enough, as they have been nothing short of outstanding.

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Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi
26 June 2023  | 

I bought this telescope as I find my 8inch meed to heavy to be able to transport to suitable sights Due to illness I have not start to use it till this year 2023I have also bought the hand set controller as I use my mobile for information all though it is easy o use with wy-fy it is easy to set up and get going in minuets as it fits on the back seat of the car half set up and can be carried very easily I am very pleased with and first light optics are very quick with supplying everything that I need

Rating (max 5):  
It goes to!
15 November 2022  | 

I've had loads of go to scope's, celestrons se,s , eq5 pro mounts, and this one actully finds stuff! Shock! You must get the home park position sorted, before you start, point tri pod north, level, the OTA, scope on left side mount then set to home. Test by moving it up and away, then go to hibernate to home it should return north and level. I start with north level alignment 2 star. The OTA his powerful and his a planet killer has others have said, but does suffer from dew you will need a dew heater, or insulated dew shield, jupiter his very good, excels in clusters has well ngc 884. I've been out on 15th Nov and the set up performed well hitting its targets on a 30mm e.p . Iam quite pleased with the scope. Good service from flo quick delivery many thanks.

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Great Telescope but the Synscan App database leaves a bit to be desired
08 November 2022  | 

Well, firstly the amazing service from First Light Optics last week. I ordered the telescope online at 9:30pm on Monday evening; I had a message on the Tuesday morning at 10:55am to tell me it had already been despatched; and it arrived here at 12:11pm on the Wednesday lunchtime, shipped direct from the Sky-Watcher UK Distributor, Optical Vision Ltd, in Suffolk. Needless to say, as others have previously noted, that amongst the accessories accompanying such telescopes there was an amazing amount of cloud, wind and heavy rain that arrived with it on the Wednesday! However that gave me a chance to get it unpacked and the mount assembled on the tripod and basic functions of the downloaded Synscan App checked on my mobile phone. Despite it's small physical size the SkyMax-127 is a relatively heavy, solidly-built telescope and the AZ-GTi mount I certainly found straightforward to attach to the accompanying tripod (it can easily be attached to a standard photo tripod with a 3/8" screw fitting if need be). Much more of a robust feel than my existing Sky-Watcher 114 reflector.
Although I have not yet had a lot of time to set it up and properly align it, I did manage short spells on Thursday and Friday evening to try it on on the night sky. Although I only used the 25mm and 10mm eyepieces as supplied (actually, I used those from my existing telescope) I could make out Jupiter's belts and Saturn's ring system and photographed the latter. Lunar detail was also good. It will take me some time to get used to the focussing having always been used to rack & pinion focusers and to the Phone App manual guidance as I am used to using the slow motion controls on my existing EQ2 mount. Some sales specs mention a 6x30 Finder but this version comes with a Red Dot Finder which I found fairly easy to align with distant terrestrial features in daylight. At night it was fine on bright objects like the Moon, Jupiter and Vega but much less obvious to locate on fainter stars. A good 6x30 or probably a 6x50 Finder is on my shopping list! Without having had the opportunity to set it up properly and go through the full alignment set up, I cannot really comment on the Go-To capability but, with the limited alignment I did do, the mount slewed to the general positions of Jupiter and Saturn within a few degrees. That's where I missed the slow motion controls!
Any downsides? Apart from the Red Dot Finder, that I will no doubt get used to as with the Phone App manual controls and the Maksutov focussing system, which are issues around previous personal experience and preferences, the only disappointment so far is with that Mobile Phone Synscan App. Not convinced by the 42,900+ object database as the basic Synscan App does not even list the Sun nor Solar Tracking and was listing Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune but not Uranus, despite all five being well above the horizon. The Synscan Pro App, which I resorted to downloading and is an upgrade aimed at equatorial mounts and astrophotography, does indeed have an "Advanced" option that includes solar viewing but the need to override the safety routine that stops you selecting the Sun as a Go-To object is totally OTT for a scope that is really a bit more upmarket than one intended for children or casual observers with no astronomical knowledge. Will persevere with the App and discuss some other Synscan issues with FLO but first impressions of the App and the Red Dot Finder has reduced my grading this package to four stars. Telescope itself definitely 5 stars!

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Worked straight out of the box
01 November 2022  | 

15 minutes to setup then straight into star watching. Finding and tracking made really easy.

Rating (max 5):  
24 September 2022  | 

I own an 8" Dob which has served me well for years. My 7yo however, has recently taken an interest in the night sky and unsurprisingly, he is not well versed in nudging a scope bigger than himself to keep his target in view. This results in us doing a merry dance in circles whilst I aim and he views 😆.

To that end, I found myself at FLO looking for something that would track and give my half decent planetary views. This setup fitted the bill. I ordered it on Thursday, it arrived Friday. Well done FLO, that is seriously rapid.

It had its first test and I am seriously impressed. My DOB is no slouch, i collimate it every year and clean the primary mirror so it is always in good condition, but this mak puts the dob to shame on local objects like Jupiter and Mars, and even keeps up with brighter deep space objects like M42 and M31. The goto functionality was easy to setup and the tracking was brilliant. Not having to bump the OTA to keep my target in view is pure luxury compared to my usual viewing technique 😂.

I have collected a range of eyepieces over the years and due to the lack of 2" diameter capability and the long focal length of this scope I would suggest getting a wide eyepiece for viewing clusters and groups. I use a 40mm for this. Out of curiosity I tested the bog standard eyepieces that skywatcher bundle with all sets (25mm and 10mm) and for once the 10mm gives good clarity on Jupiter, even resolving the red spot which impressed me. They won't be replacing my main eyepieces but will certainly provide more than adequate views for a new stargazer.

I have also been toying with getting into deep space astro-imaging recently and discovered a nice bonus of the az-gti mount. I have ordered a skywatcher EQ wedge which, along with a counterweight and bar off an old scope, will transform this rig into a goto EQ mount! The portability (especially compared to the dob) will also be useful if I want to image or view at remote locations.

All in all it is a very versatile setup and great value for money. It is easy to use, gives stunning views, has impressive build quality and is portable. It will no doubt get me outside on those crisp cold nights even more often!

Rating (max 5):  
Excellent service, excellent first scope.
10 July 2022  | 

FLO got got the scope to me in 24 hrs! Fantastic service.
I also bought a skywatcher finder with 90deg eyepiece, and
Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope and a power supply.
All arrived very well packed the next day.
My iPad Pro running SynScan pro and SkySafari plus, and all seems to be working fine, I say seems because I have only had dummy runs in daylight and its certainly pointing and going to about the right place! 🙏🍺
now about those clouds FLO sent me..🤣

Rating (max 5):  
Well worth the wait
04 June 2021  | 

Ordered this Telescope and mount in December but due to Covid, Brexit & everything else going on in the world it finally arrived this week (end of May 21). FLO have been brilliant and have kept me up to date with all the delays over the past 5 months. But what can I say it was definately well worth the wait, I spent my time waiting learning about Astromony from sites online and Youtube of course and now have a nice catalogue of targets I aim to go for once the darker nights arrive. When the box arrived it had a FLO sticker on it saying "warning may contain clouds" your not wrong that night mist and fog promptly decended on my location. Scope is well built and I am happy with the AZ GTi mount. Thank you again FLO will certainly be back again (hopefully not wait so long next time)

Rating (max 5):  
Good first Telescope and WiFi Mount.
18 November 2020  | 

On opening the nicely packed box, and assembling the Telescope on the WiFi Mount, I was struck by the very good quality of everything.
Having aligned the Red dot finder with the Telescope in daylight as recommended. I was surprised just how powerful this Telescope really is, even with the low power 25mm lens, one of two supplied. It was a pity the clouds enclosed in the box escaped, and so Ive not had much chance to do much stargazing since.
I can tell that this is a great buy for a first timer like me. Ive now ordered a zoom lens from FLO for it so that I dont have to buy too many other lenses and have to keep swopping them over. FLO is such a good company to deal with, no need to look else where.

Rating (max 5):  
1st Telescope
05 August 2020  | 

I was unsure what to get for my first telescope. But having a chat with Alex from FLO. I decided to go for the skymax 127 AZ-GTi. Since unboxing,It has been awsome.. Very easy to setup up. Wi-Fi is super easy and a joy to use. Size is just right. And the view from the scope on the planets OMG. (Now I know why they call this scope a planet killer). A awesome telescope to get you into astronomy..Plus the benefits of adding a dslr camera a later date Straight to the back of the scope. What else could a beginner ask for. The team at FLO were great in delivering this whilst the country was in lockdown. And a massive thank you to Alex who helped me choose and start my journey.. All my future purchases will be from FLO as they gave outstanding service.

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